How To Choose A Camping Lantern

There are many factors to consider when you decide to purchase a lantern for your camping adventures. This is something that you simply can’t go without. There are no street lights or bed side lamps which you may be used to in a comfort zone in the home environment. A lantern not only will provide you with light, but it can also be essential in case there is an emergency.

Ask yourself what kind of lantern you require

There are a variety of lanterns that are available on the market, which serve a variety of purposes. Some of these are more powerful than others with gas and LED. Others are powered with gas. If you are going camping by yourself, you may simply need a headlamp or a flashlight. However, one should look into something powerful, because there are different strengths available and this will make all of the difference on your trip. Lanterns will provide more light for the entire area. You don’t need to use your hands for this

Gas or Electric?

You also have to decide whether you need gas or electric lanterns. There are pros and cons involved here. Gas lanterns are heavier. You need to make sure that you have enough liquid. However, they are extremely bright, so they are perfect should you just be making a short trip or you are with a lot of friends and need something powerful. If you are not as confident using gas, you can find that the electric lantern can be a lot easier to use. These lanterns work by means of a battery. Probably the most frustrating thing about electric lanterns is that you have to make sure you have extra batteries to carry around with you. This often defines what the best camping lantern should be, depending on the individual and their requirements.

Water Resistance

You may be going on a hike which is damp. When you are exposed to rain, it can be a problem when you have a lantern which does not cope well with water. There are lanterns that are able to cope with water. If you think that you will be up against harsh weather conditions, it is a good idea to look for something that is water resistant.

Safety Features

There are certain features which make lanterns safe, and this is definitely something to look out for. You don’t want your tent getting set alight. There are certain features available, such as a hook which allows one to hang the lantern onto a tree. Often, the tent will be set up on unevenly, and you can make use of legs which spread out so it does not wobble. The safety features are very important, and not something that you should neglect.


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