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What You Need To Know About Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

As a camper, there is no better gadget you need to spend your lovely evenings with under the stars than a rechargeable camping lantern. Whether you are inside or outside the tent, this portable lamp is all you need to light the campsite once the sun goes down.

Along with campers, lanterns have also proven to be a must-have for climbers, hill and dog walkers who will definitely be in need of a light source a little after dark. Having a regular camping lantern is one thing and having an efficient one is another thing. This guide is set to help you make an informed buying decision.

Rechargeable lanterns are increasingly becoming very popular. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used to power these lights which can be recharged through the mains. Also, with the right adapter, they can also be charged in a car.

Unlike torches, camping lanterns emit warmer and less focused light. They tend to provide more illuminated lighting for a larger area. Generally, most rechargeable camping lanterns project a 360° area of light.

All lanterns have projection windows that are either made of a synthetic material like plastic or a transparent solid substance like glass. While plastic is known to be extremely versatile, glass shatters very easily even though it appears to be hard.

Why you need a rechargeable camping lantern

Camping lanterns are generally a must-have item for any camper’s packing list. Regardless of the kind of camping trip you are embarking, these lanterns will always cast a positive light with several other options.

They are more suitable for families with children than any other type of lantern as they are generally known to offer a greater degree of safety. Rechargeable camping lanterns can be effectively and efficiently used both inside and outside the tent. They are also available in different sizes, shapes, and weight.

Whether you are looking to have a large lantern that can be hung outside to illuminate a campsite or a portable one that can be easily tossed into a backpack for on-the-go camping. Always remember that there is a specific lantern designed to suit your very need.

Advantages of rechargeable camping lanterns

– They are simply the safest lanterns to carry along as they can be used inside tents without any fears or concerns about fire hazards thereby making them safe to use around children.

– Regardless of the climate or temperature of the environment, rechargeable lanterns are generally known to fare so well. They are not easily affected by any weather condition.

– They are available in a variety of different sizes. Regardless of your present situation, you will always find a rechargeable lantern to suit your camping needs.

– Unlike other kinds of lanterns, the rechargeable camping variety usually weigh less than a few ounces because they are mainly made of durable plastic.


How To Choose A Camping Lantern

There are many factors to consider when you decide to purchase a lantern for your camping adventures. This is something that you simply can’t go without. There are no street lights or bed side lamps which you may be used to in a comfort zone in the home environment. A lantern not only will provide you with light, but it can also be essential in case there is an emergency.

Ask yourself what kind of lantern you require

There are a variety of lanterns that are available on the market, which serve a variety of purposes. Some of these are more powerful than others with gas and LED. Others are powered with gas. If you are going camping by yourself, you may simply need a headlamp or a flashlight. However, one should look into something powerful, because there are different strengths available and this will make all of the difference on your trip. Lanterns will provide more light for the entire area. You don’t need to use your hands for this

Gas or Electric?

You also have to decide whether you need gas or electric lanterns. There are pros and cons involved here. Gas lanterns are heavier. You need to make sure that you have enough liquid. However, they are extremely bright, so they are perfect should you just be making a short trip or you are with a lot of friends and need something powerful. If you are not as confident using gas, you can find that the electric lantern can be a lot easier to use. These lanterns work by means of a battery. Probably the most frustrating thing about electric lanterns is that you have to make sure you have extra batteries to carry around with you. This often defines what the best camping lantern should be, depending on the individual and their requirements.

Water Resistance

You may be going on a hike which is damp. When you are exposed to rain, it can be a problem when you have a lantern which does not cope well with water. There are lanterns that are able to cope with water. If you think that you will be up against harsh weather conditions, it is a good idea to look for something that is water resistant.

Safety Features

There are certain features which make lanterns safe, and this is definitely something to look out for. You don’t want your tent getting set alight. There are certain features available, such as a hook which allows one to hang the lantern onto a tree. Often, the tent will be set up on unevenly, and you can make use of legs which spread out so it does not wobble. The safety features are very important, and not something that you should neglect.


Light Up Your Night In The Woods With Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

It is unarguable that the human race is well in the center of the industrial and technological advancement. Every invention cropping up in this age is geared towards enabling human beings to have access to easier and more comfortable standard of living.

Once in a while, everybody just wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Maybe going on a break; a camping trip won’t be a bad idea.

So you want to go camping to relax and appreciate nature. Your mind is made up on where to go but, while everything is figured out, overnight lighting is still an issue.

Not to worry: technology already figured that part out for you. All you need is a rechargeable lantern and your night in the cold, dark woods will not be so bleak.

Advantages of Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

1. They are Easy to Use

Since it has no need for fuel, then it makes a good option for outdoor use. It’s easier to use a reachable lantern as the burden of providing fuel is eliminated. It also has no wires or fuel canisters thereby eliminating the hassle of carrying extra baggage along with your lantern.

2. They are safe to use

Rechargeable lamps need no real flames to provide lighting. This means that the possibility of a fire outbreak is eliminated. While employing this appliance for your comfort and convenience, the last thing you want to worry about is how safe it is for outdoor use as safety risks are nonexistent.

3. They are light Weight

Rechargeable lanterns are easier to carry because they, unlike the regular gas or fuel powered lanterns, are very light. Their light weight also makes them easy to stow.

How to Make a Rechargeable Lantern

If you think buying a rechargeable lantern will make a dent in your purse which you cannot afford to have, you can save your purse that dent and make one yourself.

What’s you will need:

  • Glass jars
  • Solar lights
  • Paper tape
  • Small paint brush
  • Adhesive glue
  • Twine
  • Scissors or blade
  • Glitter (optional)

First step

Clean out your glass jars and allow them to dry off (if necessary).

Second step

Glue the solar lights to the dry glass jars and allow a few minutes to pass for it to dry so as to let them stick properly.

Third step

Attach the twine by applying the glue to the sides of the jar. After that, stick the light starting from the top down to the base. Set this aside so that it can dry.

Fourth step

Take your twine and fold it in equal halves. Make a knot with a loop on one end. This is meant to allow you hang the light wherever you please.

Firth step

If you wish, you can add some glitter to the jars with some glue before attaching your lights.

There’s the lighting you need to complete your camp trip!


Tips on How to Go Camping Safely

Everyone needs to take a break from their daily lives, including you, and camping and enjoying the atmosphere of the outdoors can be a simple way to take a break from the boredom that you experience every day. In addition, going camping and spending your time outdoor in nature can also provide valuable experience for you. If you are interested in going camping, then you need to know that you have to make sure you bring all of the equipment you think you might need while camping. In this way, you will be able to get to go camping without any problem and get a memorable camping experience.What is included in the list of equipment you need to bring when going camping? Here are some of the things enlisted to make your camping activity go as smooth and safe as possible.

The first thing to be included in the list is the lighting. It is absolutely a must for you to remember to bring lighting equipment such as a flashlight or lantern electrically like a rechargeable camping lantern, for example. You definitely need to bring a lot of this item as you might need more than one source of lighting. This type of equipment is, indeed, crucial to be present in a camping activity as without it the camping activity can turn out to be dangerous, especially if you plan to climb the mountain at night or if you suddenly had to pee in the middle of the night. So, you have to make sure you bring as a lot of lighting equipment as possible so that you will be safe when camping.

The next thing to bring is the survival kit. It is also a must to bring a survival kit or the box containing the equipment used for your survival in nature. These tools can help show the right direction to the camping place. Additionally, you can also use such equipment in an emergency.


How To Be Prepared In Camping

Everyone needs to take a break from daily life. Camping and enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoors can be a simple way to take a break from the boredom that you experience every day. In addition, camping can also provide valuable experience for you. Make sure you bring the right equipment so that you will get a memorable camping experience. Never forget to bring the important goods that you will need during your stay in nature. Bring a survival kit (the box containing the equipment used for survival in nature). These tools can help show the right direction to the camping place. Additionally, you can also use such equipment in an emergency. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight or rechargeable camping lantern. You definitely need these items, especially if you plan to climb the mountain at night or if you suddenly had to pee in the middle of the night. Make sure you bring the right battery for turning on the flashlights and lanterns.

You also need to bring lighter or matches and put your lighters in a plastic bag or carry lighters and liquid filling. Although you have a flashlight and a lantern as a medium of light, you still need a fire for cooking, especially if there are tools to make a fire in the camp area. Make sure you also bring several sheets of newspaper to help start a fire. Bring a map of the campsite area will occupy. You certainly need to know how to get back to your camp if you get lost and do not bring your cell phone. You should also bring a compass. Aim the compass direction of your destination point, and then follow the direction of the needle. Bring a first-aid box. While in the wild and injured, it is very important for you to clean and treat the wound. Prepare these tools so that when injuries occur, you can quickly handle it.