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Trip Report – The Fire

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The sun was making its way toward the horizon as my son and I got back to our campsite. We were hungry from our afternoon adventure and began to get a fire together.

Gathering firewood from our pile, we stacked each piece meticulously in the pit and then filled in the bottom with kindling and a firestarter log. Lighting the log, we watched as the small flame grew, ignited the kindling and began to lick up against the hardwood.

We dug into our dinner bag and grabbed out our food for the night – hot dogs and crescent rolls. My son began to wrap the dogs in the rolls and place them on a plate while I tended to the fire and set up our grilling tripod over the flames.

Soon, the “pigs in blanket” were ready to go and we placed them on top of our foil-lined grate. We each sat, staring at the fire, while the crescent rolls began to swell and the hot dogs began to sizzle. They smelled awesome and we could already imagine how they would taste.

Once golden brown, we pulled them off, took a few each, and sat down in our chairs to eat. In-between bites, we talked about our canoeing trip that we had taken earlier that day. We laughed as we recalled splashing each other, skipping rocks, and some of the people we met along the way.

As the light continued to fade into night, the stars began to appear above us. We followed the embers from fire as they rose up into the sky and almost appeared to blend in with the twinkling suns far away. There was a stillness and peace about the fire that made us breathe deep, soak it in, and embrace each minute. There’s something special about a night around a fire.